Flirty Things to Text a Girl

So you’ve met a great girl – and she liked you enough to give you her number. Modern technology saves you the terror of a phone call. Instead, you can send a text to let her know you’re thinking of her. But it’s hard to decide what to say: you want to come off as cute and interesting, not as a creepy douche. Here are some tips on flirting by text, gathered from real girls’ posts to social media sites like Tumblr, Twitter, and Blogger.

1. Tell her you’re thinking about her.

Girls love to hear that they’re on your mind. When a girl meets a guy she likes, her biggest worry is often that he won’t remember her or was just playing her. One of the best ways to start flirting is to reassure a girl that she’s unforgettable. Girls especially love to hear that you’re thinking about them for no reason at all. A text as simple as “Randomly thought of you. Hope I can see you soon!” will brighten her day. If you want, you can be more specific – “On my lunch break, thinking about your pretty smile” – but don’t suggest that you’re slacking off at school or work to daydream about her.

2. Compliment your favorite thing about her.

Tell the girl you’re flirting with why you think she’s special. A simple “You’re so beautiful” is good enough, but girls like to hear what sets them apart from the others. Mention a physical characteristic that stands out to you, like her hair, eyes, or smile. Stay away from sexy compliments when you start out: don’t praise her breasts or butt out of the blue. If you like her intelligence or her sense of humor, pair that with a physical compliment. Some girls believe that if a guy says she has a great personality, he doesn’t think she’s pretty.

3. Send a picture – of your face.

Texting a picture is a great way to keep a girl’s thoughts focused on you and express her how you feel about her. Send a photo where you look your best, and she can see your face whenever she wants. Ask her to send pics back, and when she does, tell her how beautiful she looks in the picture she sent. When you’re just starting to flirt, make sure your pictures are focused on your face, and keep your shirt on. Some girls do enjoy getting dirty photos from guys they’re already dating, but some hate them under any circumstances, and no girl wants to receive an intimate self-portrait from a guy she hardly knows.

4. Make her laugh.

When women are polled on the personality traits they find most attractive, a sense of humor always tops the list. Phrasing a message in a cute or funny way will make you look special and interesting, and she’ll see it as a preview of the fun you’ll have the next time you’re together. Try making a joke that requires a reply from her. For example, you can start the conversation with, “I think you took something of mine with you the other night.” After she texts you back to ask what it is, reply, “My heart.” Stay away from offensive jokes: avoid toilet humor or ethnic slurs. You want to show that you’re considerate as well as funny.

5. Let her make the next move.

After you’ve texted her, she might not reply right away. She might be at work, in class, or driving when you send your message. She might also be shy or nervous and take her time coming up with the perfect reply. If you don’t hear from her after an hour or two, it’s okay to send a follow-up, but leave her alone after that. Guys who send dozens of texts come off as desperate or obsessive – if she was on the fence about you, too many texts will push her over the edge. If she never replies, she’s trying to let you down easy. There are ways to encourage a girl to reply, though. Ask a question, even if it’s as simple as “Are you thinking of me too?”

6. Ask to see her again.

The best way to show that you’re interested is to set up a date. Be specific: “Let’s get together sometime” sounds like you’re just being polite, but “Want to get together tomorrow?” sounds more serious. Don’t invite her back to your place, which will make her think you only have sex on your mind. Instead, choose a fun, public place to meet. If she says no, make another suggestion: she might be blowing you off, but she might really be busy. Spending time together in person is always better than a text!

Some Great First Date Ideas

You’ve sailed past the first hurdle by charming her not only in getting her phone number, but also her agreement to meet you for a first date.

Now, the next step is to impress the heck out of her during that all-important get together.

Your initial instinct might be to raid the savings account and use your pull to make reservations at the new, hottest restaurant in town. I would advise you to ignore that temptation and be a bit more creative.

Date Ideas For This GirlMost guys automatically think that meeting over food and/or drinks is the safest way to spend time during that first date, but I’m here to tell you that playing it safe is not going to nab you a second date.

Instead, you need to brainstorm and come up with a creative, fun date idea that will show you are a leader of men who knows how to show a girl a good time.

Here are a few ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Pack a picnic. Go buy some really good bread, a selection of gourmet cheeses, a big stick of good Italian salami, some grapes, and two bottles of wine. Pick up a blanket, and some cloth napkins and head for the most romantic spot in your area. That might be the beach, a lush woods area, or a city park. Bring a Frisbee if you want and plan on kicking back having some good conversation. Maybe throw in a rose to up the romantic factor.

2. Host her at your place. If you can cook, now’s your chance to blow her away with your culinary skills. If you can barely boil water, pick up a fine selection of pre-prepared foods you can use to create a fine meal. Be sure to clean your place, first. It should be spotless, especially in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Then, make sure you have romantic lighting and some great music at your fingertips. Make everything warm, soft, and inviting so she’ll want to stay awhile. It never hurts to have a lot of wine and chocolate for dessert, either.

3. Explore. Find out what is going on in your area that might be adventuresome. Check out street fairs, music festivals, amusement parks, art shows, museums, and even bookstore events, such as an author signing or a poetry reading at a cafe. If you find it fascinating and can share your passion about the event with her, she’ll like it, too. Don’t go to anything you might think is boring, however. Find something you like and your enthusiasm will win her over.

Slalom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4. Adventuresome. Take her water skiing, surfing, hiking, four-wheel driving, or whatever type of adventuresome activity you find appealing. If she’s not athletic, she can sit in the boat and watch. If it is something that is important to you, you might find her disinterest is a deal breaker, but just like your exploration date idea, if you express enough enthusiasm about it, she can’t help but like you, even if she doesn’t care of the particular activity. Don’t make that your entire date, however. If she seems, bored, then find something she likes to do next.

How To Flirt With Girls

Although this article will mainly address the third step, how to flirt with girls, we think it’s important to briefly touch on the two preceding steps, just to make sure you are pointed in the right direction. After all, finding women in an appropriate setting where they will be most receptive to being met and flirted with is no small feat. This first step, much like any of the others, depends on the eventual goal you have in mind. If it’s practice you’re after, anywhere is good. Meeting women in a variety of locations will help to calibrate you for any possible encounter. If it’s casual sex that you have in mind, go to where women hang out who are ripe for that sort of thing (just remember when meeting new women, to always get their number so that you can later on run some Text Game on them even if you aren’t able to get them to leave with you that night). Places that release people from the cares of their worlds and their inhibitions are ideal – clubs, concerts, and parties

If you’re looking for a long term relationship or an eventual marriage, it’s important to find women with whom you have as much in common with as possible. Although opposites may initially attract, common interests are essential for building a happy life together. Meet this type of women in your school, your workplace, your gym, and at seminars on topics you are passionate about. Whatever you are looking for, it’s important to be prepared for when fate finally hands you that opportunity.

Flirting with a woman begins with meeting her. When you see a woman that you might be interested in meeting, approach her as soon as possible. Waiting will only make you nervous and cause you to over-think your approach, plus it will open you up to other guys who may want to AMOG you. Don’t think, do.

Learning how to flirt with girls, much like any other great endeavor in life, is a linear process that must be accomplished by steps. In order to practice what you learn about how to flirt with a woman you have to have met her first, and in order to meet women you have to have found places where they congregate. For a veteran pick up artist, the process generally goes like this: Find them, meet them (this can be done using any one of thousands of standard pua openers that are here), flirt with the goal of attracting them, and then you can move on to whatever close you have in mind, be it eventual marriage, a long term relationship, casual sex, or simply more practice.

One of the best opening pick-up lines is, “Hi.” The truth is that the first thing you say to a woman doesn’t really matter in the long run. Neither of you will most likely remember it. Just make sure that it’s not too short-term so as to shut you down immediately. Questions like, “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?” will do that. Once you know where the bathroom is, you’d look silly to keep hanging around.

Also, it’s important not to look needy or reverent when approaching her. Complimenting her or offering to buy her a drink right at the beginning tells her that in your eyes she has more value than you. This makes you less attractive to her. Flirting with a woman works best if you both have a perceived value that is more or less equal.

Mick Jagger
Cover of Mick Jagger

A good way to approach a woman, group of woman, or mixed group out of the blue is to ask the group or individual what they think about something completely random that is on your mind and that you generally are curious about. Tell them with a huge smile that they look like experts and that you want their take on something. Girls and tattoos is a hot topic as is whether or not Mick Jagger is attractive like Ke$ha seems to think. Women will jump at the chance to give you their opinion about any snags in your friends’ relationships, whether the female sex is more attracted to power or looks, and just about anything that was in the latest Cosmopolitan magazine.

Opening up a woman unobtrusively sets the tone for the entire rest of the interaction and doesn’t make it seem like you are just learning how to impress a girl (because you will be cool and calm).. look at that last page to see what happens when you try to hard to impress girls. You can quickly move on from your opener to another interesting topic in order to keep the attention of everyone around. Remember, an amateur will hit on a woman right away. An expert who knows how to flirt will wait about eight to ten minutes. People who know how to flirt start with learning about their targets and letting them earn the right to be flirted with before pulling out the big guns.

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How To Approach Women

How To Approach Women

Believe it or not but not every one of those who approach women easily have always been natural. It is only normal to feel insecurities and fear, sometimes very ungrounded. But it is absolutely not normal to let this fear reign over your life. Many guys actually at least have an idea how to approach women. However, they either consider themselves too shy and don’t proceed further, or justify their not taking any actions by some crazy fear that they will be rejected right on spot with a slap across their face or a drink thrown right in it.

Approach WomenThe thing is that eventually they will be rejected. Everyone is. But this is surely no reason to shut yourself down and not do anything to change the situation. If you want to know how to approach women and you want to do it right, you have to start with yourself and get rid of all possible fears that you might have.

First of all, bear in mind that having approach anxiety is normal. It is probably not normal not to have it. Who claim they got rid of it either are lying and hiding their own insecurities, or have practiced approaching women so many times that they really have forgotten what approach anxiety is. To make you feel better – the first group is much larger.

If you want to learn how to approach women, the first thing you should do is to fight your insecurities and build a great self-confidence. If you aren’t confident enough, the girl will see it even before you open your mouth. Rejection guaranteed. So before you try and approach a woman, fix your own problems. Build up your inner game, focus on gaining strength, self-confidence and self-respect. Because if you don’t respect yourself enough, who else will?

Once you believe you are confident enough, start approaching women wherever you meet them. Remember that at first rejections might be very common. Don’t fret over it. Just keep on practicing. The art of approaching a woman can be learnt. And if you are a good student you will finally earn your A or A+ .

When you are learning how to approach women, make a list of places where you can meet them. It can be your local grocery store, or international trade show in your city, the conference you go to next month, etc. The list can become pretty long but it serves your purpose which is to practice approaching women which means that you have to meet many women every place possible.

Before you start doing it regularly play some of the scenarios in your head. Play the best case and the worst case scenario. The worst that can happen is that she will turn her back on you and walk away. What does that mean to you? Of course, it is not really a pleasant experience, but you this is an experience you learn from and move on. You improve your weak areas and try again till you succeed.

It is important that you work on your social skills if they are poor. If you have no idea how to maintain a conversation, how to flirt without sounding desperate, how to present yourself as a strong confident alpha male, then you are not ready to approach women yet.

Work on these areas, read, go into training if you have to, and practice. Practice is the key. Once you are ready just go out and approach the first attractive woman. Don’t think or over-analyze. Just make this step and start talking.

You might think it is a big deal (and for you it is at the moment) but actually it is not. Don’t make approaching women be tougher than it is. If you put too much pressure on yourself, you will never be able to make this first step and say ‘Hi!’.