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How To Flirt With Girls

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Although this article will mainly address the third step, how to flirt with girls, we think it’s important to briefly touch on the two preceding steps, just to make sure you are pointed in the right direction. After all, finding women in an appropriate setting where they will be most receptive to being met and flirted with is no small feat. This first step, much like any of the others, depends on the eventual goal you have in mind. If it’s practice you’re after, anywhere is good. Meeting women in a variety of locations will help to calibrate you for any possible encounter. If it’s casual sex that you have in mind, go to where women hang out who are ripe for that sort of thing (just remember when meeting new women, to always get their number so that you can later on run some Text Game on them even if you aren’t able to get them to leave with you that night). Places that release people from the cares of their worlds and their inhibitions are ideal – clubs, concerts, and parties

If you’re looking for a long term relationship or an eventual marriage, it’s important to find women with whom you have as much in common with as possible. Although opposites may initially attract, common interests are essential for building a happy life together. Meet this type of women in your school, your workplace, your gym, and at seminars on topics you are passionate about. Whatever you are looking for, it’s important to be prepared for when fate finally hands you that opportunity.

Flirting with a woman begins with meeting her. When you see a woman that you might be interested in meeting, approach her as soon as possible. Waiting will only make you nervous and cause you to over-think your approach, plus it will open you up to other guys who may want to AMOG you. Don’t think, do.

Learning how to flirt with girls, much like any other great endeavor in life, is a linear process that must be accomplished by steps. In order to practice what you learn about how to flirt with a woman you have to have met her first, and in order to meet women you have to have found places where they congregate. For a veteran pick up artist, the process generally goes like this: Find them, meet them (this can be done using any one of thousands of standard pua openers that are here), flirt with the goal of attracting them, and then you can move on to whatever close you have in mind, be it eventual marriage, a long term relationship, casual sex, or simply more practice.

One of the best opening pick-up lines is, “Hi.” The truth is that the first thing you say to a woman doesn’t really matter in the long run. Neither of you will most likely remember it. Just make sure that it’s not too short-term so as to shut you down immediately. Questions like, “Excuse me, where’s the bathroom?” will do that. Once you know where the bathroom is, you’d look silly to keep hanging around.

Also, it’s important not to look needy or reverent when approaching her. Complimenting her or offering to buy her a drink right at the beginning tells her that in your eyes she has more value than you. This makes you less attractive to her. Flirting with a woman works best if you both have a perceived value that is more or less equal.

Mick Jagger

Cover of Mick Jagger

A good way to approach a woman, group of woman, or mixed group out of the blue is to ask the group or individual what they think about something completely random that is on your mind and that you generally are curious about. Tell them with a huge smile that they look like experts and that you want their take on something. Girls and tattoos is a hot topic as is whether or not Mick Jagger is attractive like Ke$ha seems to think. Women will jump at the chance to give you their opinion about any snags in your friends’ relationships, whether the female sex is more attracted to power or looks, and just about anything that was in the latest Cosmopolitan magazine.

Opening up a woman unobtrusively sets the tone for the entire rest of the interaction and doesn’t make it seem like you are just learning how to impress a girl (because you will be cool and calm).. look at that last page to see what happens when you try to hard to impress girls. You can quickly move on from your opener to another interesting topic in order to keep the attention of everyone around. Remember, an amateur will hit on a woman right away. An expert who knows how to flirt will wait about eight to ten minutes. People who know how to flirt start with learning about their targets and letting them earn the right to be flirted with before pulling out the big guns.

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Flirting With Girls

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Flirting With Girls

What can be more fun than flirting with girls? Flirting is an inevitable part of human socialization. You might not notice or not admit but you are flirting almost daily without it given a thought. Remember that new girl in the office? Or the sister of your room mate who unexpectedly came by? Last week you even flirted with your boss! Why not?! She is a woman, too.

Flirting belongs to those aspects in our communication that are of the utmost importance. If you don’t know anything about flirting with girls, you are a lost case. No wonder you don’t really have any success with girls.

When you approach a girl and go beyond the opener, you are supposed to get her attracted. Sometimes all you have is just a few minutes. Flirting could be of great help to make a good impression. Provided you do it right.  The main purpose of flirting (or at least one of them) is to show the girl that you are interested. But if you aren’t good at flirting with girls, you are losing the faintest chance that she will respond positively.

You might have heard (or read) that the idea of flirting is very difficult to grasp and flirting itself is very difficult to learn. Ignore everything you have read so far. Those are losers talking. Those who did not give it much a try but ready to judge immediately. If you want to be really good at flirting, forget what anyone ever has said to you. You are starting anew. And you are trying your best, that’s the only thing that matters when you start flirting with girls.

Before you start your learning process you should understand the basics. First of all, flirting is a game. There are rules set by someone long ago, probably in ancient times. Your task is to creatively stick to those rules. To stick to them because this is what girls expect you to do. Creatively because this is something they don’t expect. When flirting with girls you should learn to use the situation to your benefits. Play by rules and create your own, should be your motto. While flirting is pretty much a researched area, you will find many ways to use your own skills and knowledge to enhance it.

The idea of flirting (among others) is to create sexual tension. You should manage to bring sexual attraction into your conversation without sounding weird or out of place.

Below you will see a few things that might be essential for flirting with girls:

  • Body language. Again and again you will see that body language matters a lot when you want to say something you don’t want to be said aloud.
  • Casual physical contact. If you want to bring sensuality into the game, touching can’t be avoided. Just don’t overdo it. Those should be casual touches.
  • Sense of humor. It is a part of any conversation. A great sense of humor will help you to be funny and playful without sounding creepy at the same time.

Those are only few aspects you should focus on when you are flirting with girls. There are more, of course, one of them being your own confidence and self-reliance. Flirting with girls is a lot of fun if you don’t make it a job. Make sure you learn to be the best at it.