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What To Text A Girl You Just Met

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What To Text A Girl You Just Met

You had a good day and successfully went through most of the phases of picking up a girl. You did fine approaching her, you had a fun flirty conversation, you definitely left her wanting more, and you have her phone number now.

When should you text her? And most importantly what to text a girl you just met? This is a question that is asked many times and makes a lot of guys nervous. When you check for advice online you will notice a number of websites, blogs and forums that can give you totally opposite recommendations about what to text a girl you just met or when to text her. The fact that these recommendations vary and that everyone claims them to be working shows that there is no perfect recipe for the first time texting.

You will have to decide for yourself when to text the girl you just met. It can be after a couple of days (to show her what a cool guy with a busy life you are), it can be a follow-up text just ten minutes after she left (‘Hey, I just wanted to make sure I got your number right”) or you can do it within an hour or two to show your attraction to her (just don’t’ do these cheesy style text messages).

In any case, she knows the rules of the game and she expects you to follow them. The way you do shows the person you are. Don’t follow someone else here; make it the way you would like to. Because you are the one texting her, not the random guy from the forum.

Now, when you decided on the time, the most important thing is to figure out what to text a girl you just met.

You don’t want to scare her with extra cheesy stuff but you would like her to remember you as an attractive smart cool individual. So, all you have to do it to sound polite, fun, flirty, and not to zealous.

How to do it? The most neutral variant is to send just within an hour or two  after meeting something along the lines, “Hey, it was nice meeting you / fun talking to you.” You can make it a little bit flirty and text her, “Hey, sexy/sweetie/cutie, it was fun today, let’s grab a drink some time next week.”

Use nicknames you gave her, or some jokes you both might have had to make her smile and/or remember you and the fun you both have had.

Don’t go for serious stuff when you text a girl you just met. She isn’t expecting it, and she doesn’t want it, either. All you want to do is to pique her curiousity and to keep the attraction level, because if you don’t attraction will fade and it won’t really matter what you text her.

When you wonder what to text a girl you just met, think about the conversation you had with her and try to incorporate it into your text message. It can be something funny, some joke, or an observation the two of you made.

In any case, don’t use anything you found in internet from “the sweetest/sexiest/flirty/funny text messages” websites. She lives on the same planet, and she has seen it all. There is no need to make her see you as some weirdo with no sense of creativity and intelligence. Keep this in mind, when you decide what to text a girl you just met.